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Japanese real estate investment for foreigners.

The number of foreigners who are starting rental management of condominiums owned by division is increasing rapidly.

COVID-19 has caused a global depression and pandemic, and assets are declining.

Diversified assets are the best way to increase your assets in a stable manner.

Foreigners can own real estate in Japan, and if it is a second-hand condominium in Tokyo, you can invest from about 10 million yen.

The Make Home Group has foreign staff, and foreign staff provide one-stop services from real estate acquisition to operation.

We are a "residential support corporation for people who has various problem for finding a room" certified by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

We will take care of your assets of about 10 million yen, purchase a second-hand condominium for singles in Tokyo for 8 million yen, remodel it for 2 million yen, and act for rental management.

Be sure to look for a property in Tokyo. In other areas, rents have collapsed and are not suitable for "residential support" rental management.

Monthly rent income is 53,700 yen for rent + 5,000 yen for management fee, and the total rent is 58,700 yen. If tenant is welfare, the rent will be collected from the Welfare Division, so rent collection is stable.

This amount is the maximum amount of welfare rent for a single person in Tokyo.

Yields range from 4.5% to 6.5%.

The Make Home Group provides one-stop service from purchase to property management, such as property acquisition, remodeling, tenant recruitment, resident management, and equipment maintenance for occupied areas.

The owner does nothing, just looks at the property report sent by us every month.

Since the resident always joins the rent guarantee company, the rent will be remitted from the rent guarantee company even if the rent is delinquent.

For other troubles, the Make Home Group, rental guarantee company, and non-life insurance company will discuss and manage the risk.

Residents also take out fire insurance at their own expense.

Japan is a seriously aging society, and the number of single elderly people will increase further in the future. As the number of welfare continues to increase in a disparate society, the resident target matches the current era and promises stable full-occupancy management.

Stocks, futures and mutual funds are currently at high prices and will change in value due to economic conditions, markets, political movements and war.

Even if you deposit savings and time deposits, your money will not increase.

Please invest in "residential support rental housing for people who has various problem for finding a room" to contribute to society.

The leading rental management company for welfare is the Make Home Group.

We will take care of your assets and steadily increase your assets with stable rental management.


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