For foreign owners


For foreign owners

Japan's economy is sluggish due to the impact of the new Corona, and  don't know what to invest in. Even if you deposit it in a bank, it will not increase at low interest rates. Stocks and futures are too risky.

Even under such circumstances, Japanese real estate investment is stable and has a high yield, and can be owned by foreigners. No matter how much the economy goes into recession, you need a house, and real estate investment is the best choice for stable investment.

The secret to a successful real estate investment is to choose a reliable rental management company. We outsource investment property advice, rental tenant recruitment, rental contracts, insurance participation, rental guarantee contracts, property management, emergency response, building repairs, etc. to the management company.

If the foreign owner does not use the management company and manages it by yourself, due to lack of communication with the tenant, it will be delayed in dealing with water leaks, damage to the condominium adjacent will expand, and a damage of about 2.5 million yen will be incurred,  may not be able to collect the rent due to trouble with the residents. After all, having a professional knowledge of management work and leaving it to a management company who is familiar with Japanese law will lead to stable income even if you pay the management fee.

Make Home is a management company licensed by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. We have an English-speaking staff at each store, and it is an international real estate agency that handles foreign residents and owners. In addition, we are a Tokyo-accredited “Housing Securing Needs House Relocation Support Corporation”, and we have a system for fully-occupied management that allows us to offer customers in a way that no other company can offer.





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