Room for foreigners


Room for foreigners

Looking a room for foreigners !

Yesterday also Nationality of Hong Kong and Thailand's  people visited  the Make Home Office to find a room.  Make home group is certified by “the member of company for people who is difficult to find a room”. We fully support foreigners who looking for the rooms.

There are English-speaking staff at Ayase main Office(Adachi-ku) and Waseda branch (Shinjuku-ku), so you don't have to speak Japanese.


When you do not have a  guarantor or emergency contact, Only if you find a room with us, you can use the our "Emergency Contact Association".(There is a easy interview examination before using "Emergency Contact Association" )


Specially for foreigners when you hope to sharing the room with someone  normally the owner is not allowed. Then contact the residence support corporation’s registered Make Home company to get the permission from the owner.

When you related to university, professional, Japanese language school /trainee acceptance company/temporary agency, or local government office, then troubling with find a room, please contact us. Correspondence areas are Tokyo, Chiba prefecture, Saitama prefecture, and Kanagawa prefecture.

The actual moving costs are home insurance, rental guarantee fees, brokerage fee, deposit, key money, rent fee, and moving fee will be required once the room is decided.

We also have apartments with no initial cost that you can lose your house due to the influence of the new Corona and move in as an emergency measure.


Make Home Co., Ltd.

Ayase Main Store East Tokyo Area

1-4-11 Higashiayase, Adachi-ku PAL ROYAL 1F

Waseda store West Tokyo area

Shinjuku-ku Waseda Tsurumakicho 557-3 Shinjuku Tomihisa Building 4F

Resident support reception desk :0120-100-234

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